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Asian and Chinese studies, minor in

The Asian and Chinese studies minor consists of 21 credits. A minimum of 12 credits must be earned at the upper (300- or 400-) level.

Students must complete a minimum of three credits of Chinese at the advanced level (300 or above). The prerequisite course of CHIN 202 may be counted toward the total number of credits for the minor. Native speakers of Chinese may not use intermediate credit in the language to count toward the minor.

Note: Language Placement Test results cannot substitute for completion of course work.

Students choose from the following courses to complete the remaining credits of the minor. No more than six credits can be earned within the same discipline.

Required: RELS 311 Religions of the World (3 credits)

Minimum of 3 credits from the following:
HIST 107 Survey of East Asian Civilizations
HIST 108 Survey of East Asian Civilizations
HIST 201 The Art of Historical Detection*
HIST 332 History in Film*
HIST 379 The History of Modern Japan
HIST 381 The History of Early Modern China, 1500 to 1800
HIST 382 The History of Modern China, 1800 to the Present
HIST 391 Topics in History*
POLI/INTL 355 Asian Government and Politics
POLI/INTL 364 Vietnam
POLI/INTL 452 Seminar in the Politics of Developing Areas

Minimum of 3 credits from the following:
ARTH 245 Survey of Asian Art
ARTH 445 The Art of India
ARTH 447 The Art of Southeast Asia
ARTH 449 Studies of Asian Art
FLET/INTL 391 Topics in Foreign Literature in English Translation*
GEOG/INTL 304 World Regions
RELS 320 Taoism
RELS/PHIL 322 Tibetan Buddhism
RELS/PHIL 342 Buddhist Reasoning and Debate
RELS 368 Asian Religions and Asian Medicine
RELS/PHIL/INTL 410 Chinese Tradition in Philosophy
RELS/PHIL/INTL 412 Zen Buddhism
RELS 442 Seminar in Hinduism
WRLD/INTL 203 Cultural Texts and Contexts*
WRLD 220 Human Rights and Literature*
WRLD 391 Topics in World Languages and Cultures*
WRLD 491 Topics in World Languages and Cultures*
Courses taken through an accredited study abroad program in an appropriate location (must be preapproved through the SWS Advising Office).

*When appropriate: Always check first with the SWS Advising Office before enrolling in these courses.



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