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Latin American studies, minor in

The Latin American studies minor consists of 18 credits. A minimum of 12 credits must be earned at the upper (300- or 400-) level. No more than 6 credits can be earned within the same discipline.

Students must complete a minimum of three credits of Spanish or Portuguese at the advanced level (300 or above).

Note: Language Placement Test results cannot substitute for completion of course work.

Students choose from the following courses to complete the minor:

Minimum of 3 credits:
PORT 391 Topics in Portuguese*
SPAN 321 Latin American Civilization I
SPAN 322 Hispanic Immigrants in the U.S.
SPAN/INTL 331 Survey of Latin American Literature
SPAN 332 Latino Writers in the U.S.
SPAN/INTL 421 Civilization of Latin America II
SPAN 430 Literary Genres*
SPAN 432 Hispanic Culture Through Literature
SPAN 491 Topics in Spanish*

Minimum of 3 credits:
ANTH/INTL 348 South American Ethnography
ANTH/INTL 349 Rethinking a Continent: Latin America
ANTH 391 Topics in Anthropology*

Minimum of 3 credits:
HIST 109 Survey of Latin American History
HIST 110 Survey of Latin American History
HIST 391 Topics in History*

Minimum of 3 credits:
ARTH 335 Pre-Columbian Art and Architecture
ARTH 338 Colonial Art and Architecture of Latin America
ARTH 339 Modern and Contemporary Art and Architecture of Latin America
ARTH 450 Art and Architecture of Mesoamerica
FLET/INTL 391 Foreign Literature in English Translation*
INTL 491 Topics in International Studies*
POLI/INTL 353 Latin American Governments and Politics
RELS 490 Seminar in Religious Studies
RELS 491 Topics in Religious Studies*
WRLD 391 Topics in World Languages and Cultures*
WRLD 491 Topics in World Languages and Cultures*

*When appropriate: Always check first with the SWS Advising Office before enrolling in these courses.



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