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Mediterranean studies, minor in

The Mediterranean studies minor consists of 18 credits. A minimum of 12 credits must be earned at the upper (300- or 400-) level. No more than six credits can be earned within the same discipline.

Students must complete a minimum of three credits of geographically pertinent foreign language course work (Arabic, French, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish) at the advanced level (300 or above). If VCU does not offer courses in a specific Mediterranean language (e.g. Albanian, Catalan, Croatian, Turkish, Modern Greek, etc.), the School of World Studies Advising Office will assist students in identifying appropriate language study options at other U.S. institutions or abroad.

Note: Language Placement Test results cannot substitute for completion of course work.

Two required courses (6 credits):
WRLD 310 Mediterranean Cultural Geography
WRLD 311 Civilization of the Mediterranean

One course (3 credits) from:
RELS 310 Mediterranean Religions
RELS/INTL 312 Religions of the World
WRLD/INTL 203 Cultural Texts and Contexts: ____*

Choose from the following courses to complete the minor:
ANTH/INTL 455 Anthropology of Development and Globalization
ARTH 103 or 104 Survey of Western Art
EUCU 311 Classical Mythology
FLET/INTL 391 Topics in Foreign Literature in English Translation*
FREN/INTL 450 Francophone Literatures and Cultures
GSWS 391 Topics in Women?s Studies*
HIST 310 The Early Middle Ages
HIST 311 High and Later Middle Ages
HIST 317 History of France I
HIST 318 History of France II
HIST 329 History of Spain and Portugal
HIST 330/GSWS 339 History of Women in Europe I
HIST 331 History of Women in Europe II
HIST 340 The Middle East, 600-1600
HIST 342 Early Modern Ottoman Empire
INTL 491 Topics in International Studies*
ITAL 320 Italian Cinema: ____
ITAL 330 Themes in Italian Literature: ____
ITAL 391 Topics in Italian*
PHIL 103 Ancient Greek and Medieval Western Philosophy
RELS 315/HIST 301 The Ancient Near East
SOCY/GSWS 334 Sociology of Women
SPAN 420 Civilization of Spain II
URSP 350/INTL 345/FRLG 345 Great Cities of the World*
WRLD 391 Topics in World Languages and Cultures*
WRLD 491 Topics in World Languages and Cultures*

*When appropriate: If students wish to fulfill an elective with a course not listed above, the course must be discussed and approved by the School of World Studies Advising Office.

Students majoring in art history may apply three credits of an art history course relevant to Mediterranean studies toward the minor. The art history course must be approved through the SWS Advising Office.



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