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Mass Communications Scholars Program

The Mass Communication Scholars Program demands a rigorous course load and a high GPA. It prepares students for professional positions in the communications fields and for competitive post-graduate programs. The program supports the highest standards of excellence in education and is designed to enhance the education achievement of students through a variety of special opportunities, demands and programs.

The Mass Communication Scholars Program is open to undergraduate mass communications majors who have been accepted into the VCU Honors College.

To graduate as Mass Communications Scholars, students must:

The Robertson School of Media and Culture will offer at least two honors courses or “variants” per year. Variants are courses in which students may receive honors credit while in non-honors courses by meeting additional requirements such as more advanced readings, greater depth in research or project work or additional assignments as deemed appropriate by the instructor (and approved by the Honors College).

The Mass Communications Scholars Program is a departmental honors program linked to the VCU Honors College. Mass communications students will be able to graduate with mass communications honors and with university honors. Mass Communications Scholars will earn a distinctive designation at their graduation ceremony.

Honors courses and courses designated as variants will be listed in the Schedule of Classes for each semester. Students wishing to enter the Mass Communications Scholars Program should contact the program coordinator.


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