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The Department of Foundations of Education provides multidisciplinary, liberal education perspectives that undergird all programs in the school. Our contribution is based on the premise that the preparation of effective educational practitioners requires fundamental, deep understanding of the broader perspectives that are represented by research and theory in psychological, cultural, philosophical, historical and ethical areas of inquiry. As such, the department provides an essential link between practice and theory that makes effective reflection and decision making possible. By facilitating a rich contextual understanding of contemporary educational issues and practices, the department enhances the ability of educators to be reflective decision makers who make effective use of complex judgments and critical thinking. Our goal is to prepare educators for intelligent, responsible leadership in a variety of educational careers and settings for teaching, research, administration and policy-making.

The department plays an integral part in the Ph.D. in Education program by teaching required courses in urban education and research methods and other elective courses, by active participation on dissertation committees, and by directing the Research and Evaluation Track of the program. The department also has responsibility for the Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium (MERC), a partnership between VCU and seven Richmond area school divisions to conduct and disseminate action research.

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