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Pre-health and pre-law advising

The UC provides advising programs to assist students in preparation for admission into health sciences programs. Preparatory programs are available for careers in medicine, dentistry, dental hygiene, clinical laboratory sciences, radiation sciences, nursing, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy and veterinary medicine. Additionally, a post-baccalaureate health sciences certificate is available to students who have already earned bachelor’s degrees in non-science areas and plan to enter doctoral-level health science training programs.

All pre-health programs will be designated on a student’s record as an advising track interest.

In addition to a pre-health advising track interest, students designate any bachelor’s degree program as a primary major. Students who do not designate a specific major or who are undecided about a major will be placed into the interdisciplinary Science Bachelor of Science program with a health preparation/professional science concentration. Students will work with pre-health advisers to plan courses to meet their advising track and major interests.

The interdisciplinary science program is offered through the College of Humanities and Sciences. The concentration in health preparation/professional science allows students the flexibility to work toward a bachelor’s degree while taking the prerequisite courses for their intended health profession. Students will work closely with pre-health advisers to choose courses to fill health care program prerequisites and major requirements. As students successfully complete science courses and other admissions requirements, students and advisers will determine a timeframe to apply for admission into a health care training programs.

The Office of Pre-health Advising offers many opportunities for students to become more involved in their chosen professions. Advisers work closely with students to ensure their intended majors and pre-health advising track areas of interest match closely to students’ interests, values and skills.

For more information on advising programs, visit the pre-health website or call (804) 827-8648.


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