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Occupational Therapy, Master of Science in (M.S.O.T.)


The total program is planned for completion in seven semesters of full-time study and encompasses academic and fieldwork education as well as a research experience.

Summer I  
ANAT 525 Human Anatomy 5
OCCT 530 Nature of Occupational Therapy 2
Fall I  
OCCT 520 Occupational Therapy Applications: Kinesiology 2
OCCT 522 Interdisciplinary Medical Lectures 3
OCCT 531 Interpersonal Communication and Group Dynamics 2
OCCT 532 Life Span Occupational Development 3
OCCT 533 Occupational Therapy Principles, Values and Theories 4
OCCT 620 Occupational Therapy Practice Activities I: Activity Analysis 1
Spring I  
OCCT 521 Neuroscience Applications to Occupational Therapy 3
OCCT 534 Occupational Therapy Evaluation and Intervention Overview 3
OCCT 630 Adult Evaluation and Intervention I: Foundations 2
OCCT 635 Psychosocial Evaluation and Intervention I 2
OCCT 640 Pediatric Evaluation and Intervention I: Infant and Preschool Children 3
OCCT 660 (Section 001) Level I Fieldwork in Occupational Therapy 1
Fall II  
OCCT 621 Occupational Therapy Practice Activities II: Assistive Technologies 1
OCCT 633 Adult Evaluation and Intervention II: Facilitating Function with Physical Disability Across the Continuum of Care 4
OCCT 641 Pediatric Evaluation and Intervention II: Ages 6-12 4
OCCT 660 (Section 002) Level I Fieldwork in Occupational Therapy 1
OCCT 709 Research Process and Statistical Analysis in Occupational Therapy 4
Spring II  
OCCT 623 Occupational Therapy Practice Activities III: Activity and Occupational Synthesis 1
OCCT 636 Fieldwork I in Psychosocial Occupational Therapy 2
OCCT 650 Occupational Therapy in Health Care 3
OCCT 651 Administration and Supervision of Occupational Therapy Services 3
OCCT 670 Case Based Clinical Reasoning in Occupational Therapy 2
OCCT 729 Research Practicum 3
Summer III  
OCCT 680 Level II Fieldwork in Occupational Therapy: A 9
Fall III  
OCCT 681 Level II Fieldwork in Occupational Therapy: B 9

Total credits in program

Upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible to take the national certification examination. Certification is required by most employers as proof of professional competence.

For additional information, visit the Department of Occupational Therapy Web site.


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