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Rehabilitation Counseling, Master of Science (M.S.)

Degree requirements

The minimum degree requirement is 48 graduate credits including 36 credits of didactic course work, 100 hours of fieldwork, 600 hours of internship, three credits of electives and a comprehensive examination.

The on-campus Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling degree has been available since 1955. The program consists of 48 graduate credits. Currently, 90 full- and part-time graduate students are enrolled on campus. In addition, the same degree has been made available on a distance-learning basis since July 1999. Eleven required courses and the one elective are available online according to a predetermined schedule. Two clinical counseling courses also are available on-site in a compressed schedule (typically one-to-two weeks) at various locations. Alternately, up to 12 hours may be taken at an accredited graduate counseling program and accepted as transfer credit with prior approval. Approved internships with appropriate faculty and agency supervision are negotiated by the department, student and the local community organization.

Example of a full-time program of study

Semester I  
RHAB 525 Introduction to Rehabilitation 3
RHAB 611 Counseling Theories in Rehabilitation 3
RHAB 625 Research in Rehabilitation 3
RHAB 640 Medical and Psychological Aspects of Disabilities in Rehabilitation 3
Semester II  
RHAB 521 Foundations of Substance Abuse Rehabilitation 3
RHAB 612 Group Counseling Theories and Techniques in Rehabilitation 3
RHAB 623 Career Counseling and Job Placement in Rehabilitation 3
RHAB 642 Psychiatric Information for Counselors in Rehabilitation 3
Semester III  
RHAB 624 Appraisal and Evaluation in Rehabilitation 3
RHAB 633 Case Management in Rehabilitation 3
RHAB 654 Multicultural Counseling in Rehabilitation 3
RHAB 691 Counseling Techniques in Rehabilitation 3
Semester IV  
RHAB 615 Human Growth and Development 3
RHAB 695 or RHAB 696 Supervised Clinical Practice
(includes 600 hours of internship and CRC/comprehensive examination)
Elective 3

Comprehensive examination

All students are required to complete the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) Examination in conjunction with RHAB 695 or 696.


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