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Students in the college can apply to the Extended Teacher Preparation Program sponsored jointly with the School of Education. This program awards both a bachelor’s degree from the College of Humanities and Sciences and a master’s degree from the School of Education. Students who successfully complete this program will be certified to teach in early childhood, middle or secondary education.

Additional information on this five-year program is available at the School of Education’s Office of Student Services in Room 3106, Oliver Hall, or by calling (804) 827-2670. A more thorough description of this program is found under the “School of Education” section of this bulletin and in the Extended Teacher Preparation Handbook available from the School of Education’s Department of Teaching and Learning or the College of Humanities and Sciences Dean’s Office.

Information about VCU students’ performances on the state-mandated licensure tests (Praxis I: Reading, Writing and Mathematics and Praxis II: Specialty Area Tests) is available on the School of Education Web site:


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