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Graduate admission requirements

In addition to the general requirements for admission to graduate studies as stated in the Graduate Studies at VCU chapter of this bulletin, persons seeking admission to any of the graduate programs in humanities and sciences should:

All applications will be considered in terms of the specific requirements for admission noted in the description of the individual programs and of the applicant’s ability to perform satisfactorily in the program for which he/she has applied. The judgment of that ability will be based on the supporting material submitted with the application. Some graduate programs must limit enrollment to a fixed number of the best-qualified applicants. Final action on admission is taken by the dean of the Graduate School in consultation with the College of Humanities and Sciences and the program concerned.

Applicants whose applications reach the university after July 1 for the fall semester and after Nov. 15 for the spring semester may not have their applications processed in time for registration. The applicant whose application arrives late may be considered for admission as a special student, but there is no guarantee that the special student later will be accepted into a degree program. Refer to the programs section of the Graduate School Web site for specific deadlines for all graduate programs.


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