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Graduate degree requirements

In addition to these requirements and those set forth in the Graduate Studies at VCU chapter of this bulletin, students must meet the requirements for specific degrees set forth in the departmental listings. Students also should consult the Continuous Enrollment Policy stated in the Graduate Studies at VCU section of this bulletin.

VCU requires registration for a defined credit-hour level during both the didactic and research phases of advanced degree training. For programs requiring the preparation of a thesis or dissertation, there is no obligatory linkage between the accumulation of credit hours and an expectation that a degree be awarded.

As a guide to monitoring the timely completion of the degree requiring a thesis or dissertation within the present enrollment framework, the accumulation of 80 credit hours for a master’s degree and 180 credit hours for a doctoral degree can be taken to be reasonable credit maxima. Unless stated otherwise, these figures apply only to programs offered by the College of Humanities and Sciences.

Students are required to submit in advance of the date when they expect to receive a degree a Graduation Application Form to the dean of the College of Humanities and Sciences. Deadlines for the submission of the Graduation Application Form are listed in the academic calendars online at; for departmental deadlines the student should consult the departmental adviser. Individual departments may require additional forms.


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