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L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

School wide master’s-level requirements

In addition to the program specific requirements of the Master of Public Administration, the Master of Science in Criminal Justice, and the Master of Urban and Regional Planning as outlined elsewhere in this bulletin, the Wilder School requires all master’s-level graduate degree-seeking students to acquire competence in four broad areas:

  1. Research methods
  2. Planning and/or policy analysis
  3. Public administration
  4. Ethics

Competence can be demonstrated by completion of the following:

Research methods
GVPA/PADM/URSP/CRJS 623 Research Methods for Government and Public Affairs

Planning/policy analysis
GVPA/URSP 632 Planning Theory and Processes
GVPA/PADM 625 Public Policy Analysis

Public administration
GVPA/PADM 601 Principles of Public Administration

GVPA/PADM 683 Administrative Ethics
A program specific course through which ethical issues are imbedded and discussed within a public sector context. Such courses would include: CRJS 550, PADM 661, PADM 689, URSP 632 and URSP 635.

Selection of courses to meet these competency requirements will be made by the student in consultation with his/her academic adviser. While each graduate of the Wilder School must demonstrate competence in each of the areas outlined above, substitutions for the specific courses may be made with the written approval of the appropriate graduate program coordinator.


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