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Student performance and behavior

The goals and objectives of the School of Allied Health Professions and its component departments and programs relate to the education of persons preparing for professional careers in the allied health disciplines. An integral requisite of students and practitioners is an undeviating acceptance of a professional attitude and pride that will motivate them to adhere to a code of professional ethics and to develop fully their competencies for practice.

The suitability of student performance and behavior relating to these professions and to the consumers of health care is a paramount concern of the administration and faculty of this school. To assure a quality of educational and clinical preparation for its graduates, the following statement is promulgated:

If, in the judgment of the faculty and administration of the School of Allied Health Professions, a student is not considered suitable for emotional, professional or related reasons, the student’s academic status may be appropriately altered.

If any questions arise regarding the standards of performance or behavior, it is the responsibility of students to apprise themselves of acceptable character and conduct requirements prior to matriculation in the designated department or program.

Standards of professional behavior

These standards describe behaviors expected from the faculty and students of the School of Allied Health Professions. They are in addition to those standards of behavior and ethical conduct required by the school’s departments and professional organizations. They are supplemental to the university statement regarding conduct in the classroom.


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