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Founded in 1955, the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling serves as a national leader in the professional preparation of certified rehabilitation counselors who exercise skill and competence on a high ethical level and with personal integrity. Accessible, innovative, research-based educational experiences that encourage the use of a critical and exploratory attitude are emphasized. The department seeks to perpetuate active programs of research and service, and maintain high levels of teaching competence. In partnership with students, community agencies and consumer and professional organizations, the department endeavors to advance the personal, social and economic independence of individuals with disabilities.

The Department of Rehabilitation Counseling is fully accredited by the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE), and is the only such program in the commonwealth of Virginia. The purpose of accreditation is to promote the effective delivery of rehabilitation services to people with disabilities by fostering ongoing review and improvements of rehabilitation education programs. CORE has developed a field-based research accreditation process that has gained widespread acceptance in the professional accreditation movement. With over 2,000 alumni, the department also enjoys solid relationships with many community organizations that serve as excellent sites for clinical training.


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