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Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business can be traced back to 1917 when a board of private citizens organized the Richmond School of Social Economy for Social Workers and Public Health Nurses. By 1937 the school was called the Richmond Professional Institute, was affiliated with The College of William and Mary, and had added business courses to the curriculum. The school began offering a graduate program in 1962. Since then, the program has continued to develop and mature to meet the needs of the future.


The vision of the VCU School of Business is to be nationally recognized as the leading technologically focused school of business in the commonwealth of Virginia.


The mission of the VCU School of Business is to prepare students for successful careers and lifelong learning by providing management education firmly grounded in technology, interdisciplinary teamwork and global perspectives. Essential to achieving this mission is striving to excel in teaching and scholarly research, and to build effective, value-based relationships with the external community.


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