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Added or add-on endorsements Teaching English as a Second Language

The School of Education offers the Virginia Department of Education ESL preK-12 endorsement for pre-service and in-service teachers. The ESL endorsement program at VCU requires 18 credit hours of ESL course work and 6 credit hours of a modern foreign language. Candidates must complete the following courses:

ESL qualifying courses
ENGL/LING/ANTH 390 Introduction to Linguistics
ENGL/LING/TEDU 552 Teaching English as a Second Language
TEDU 561 Reading Foundations
TEDU 562 Teaching Reading in the Content Areas
TEDU/FRLG 575 Intercultural Communication
TEDU 681 Investigations and Trends in Teaching (ESL curriculum and assessment)
Foreign language courses (modern languages only)

Add-on endorsements in grades 6 through 12, science

Add-on endorsements in science are available in biology, chemistry, earth science and physics. Each add-on requires a first endorsement in one science and at least 18 semester hours in the add-on science that includes preparation in specified areas. The earth science added endorsement is listed below. For information about the added endorsements in biology, chemistry or physics, contact the Department of Teaching and Learning.

Earth science

To add an earth science endorsement to an endorsement in another science discipline, the individual must earn at least 18 semester hours in the earth sciences, including preparation in geology, oceanography, meteorology and astronomy. Courses to meet these requirements include:

GEOG/ENVS and GEOZ/ENVZ 105 Physical Geology and Laboratory  
GEOG/ENVS and GEOZ/ENVZ 335 Environmental Geology and Laboratory  
GEOG/ENVS 411 Oceanography  
GEOG/ENVS 401 Meteorology and Climatology  
PHYS 103 Astronomy  
Elective courses to complete at least 18 hours include: GEOG 203 and 204 Physical Geography and PHYS 391 Fieldwork and Special Topics.  

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