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Academic policies for undergraduates

Students majoring in biomedical, chemical and life science, computer, electrical or mechanical engineering must attain a minimum grade of C in all major courses taken. If a student receives a grade below C in any major course, that course must be retaken until the student receives a minimum grade of C. Department chairs may also identify other vital courses (i.e., math, physics) within the major for which a minimum grade of C must be achieved.

Because of the rotating nature of higher level technical electives in the computer science program and the student’s planned graduation date, computer science students may not be able to take advantage of the repeat course option offered by the university. Students should be aware of this rotating schedule and plan accordingly.

In some cases, students may be required to take foundation courses as the result of placement tests in order to prepare themselves to enter the required courses in mathematics, sciences or languages. Credit received for these foundation courses does not count toward the baccalaureate degree.

Appeals to the School of Engineering policies

Students may appeal the above School of Engineering policies. In order to do so, they must prepare a letter to the School of Engineering Policy Appeals Committee stating why they should be given an exception to these policies and providing any documentation required. The letter should be delivered to the dean’s office and will be forwarded to the committee for consideration.


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