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Housing and dining fees

Housing fees

A nonrefundable prepayment fee of $250 is required for new students at the time the housing/dorm application is submitted and is credited toward the student’s first-semester housing costs. New and continuing students should refer to cancellation deadlines established by VCU Residential Life and Housing if they wish to be released from their contractual obligations. After these dates, cancellations are not permitted and students will be held to the terms and conditions of their housing contracts. Students are advised to carefully read the terms and conditions of their housing contracts prior to signing.

Half the yearly housing cost is charged to the student’s account each semester and is paid the same time that tuition and other fees are due. Additionally, students will be held responsible for the cost of any damages to their room, its furnishings and its common living area during their residency.

Housing contracts extend through the nine-month academic year or for a 12-month period, depending upon the type of residence hall assignment. Students are not released from their housing contract between semesters. Questions regarding housing contracts should be directed to VCU Residential Life and Housing via email at or by calling (804) 828-7666.

Dining fees

Dining plans are available to enrolled students who are in good financial standing with the university. All undergraduate students residing in university housing, other than VCU apartment residents, are required to purchase one of the essential dining plans through VCU Dining Services. If a dining plan is not selected, students will be assigned and billed for the 200 Block Plan + 300 Dining Dollars.

Dining plans are charged to the student’s account each semester and are paid the same time that tuition and other fees are due. Plans added later in the semester are subsequently billed with payment due by the due date indicated on the ebill. Changes and cancellations to dining plans will be accepted up to 4 p.m. on Friday, the second week of classes.

VCU dining plans consist of Blocks and Dining Dollars. Blocks provide a specific number of meals to be used at any time during the semester at Market 810 in Shafer Court Dining Center, Jonah’s in the Larrick Student Center or any VCU Dining retail location participating in the VCU Dining Services Meal Exchange Program. More than one VCU dining plan may be purchased per semester; however, dining plan blocks and Dining Dollars do not carry over and are forfeited at the end of each semester.

Dining plans

The VCU residential dining center, Market 810, provides unlimited servings and is located on the second floor of Shafer Court Dining Center on the Monroe Park Campus. In addition to serving dining plan participants, VCU dining centers accept cash, credit cards, Dining Dollars and RamBucks.

*Essential dining plans

VCU Dining retail locations

Monroe Park Campus

MCV Campus

*These locations do not participate in the Meal Exchange program.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars is a rechargeable declining-balance account on your dining plan that allows you to make tax-free food purchases at any VCU dining center or VCU retail location. The tax advantage of Dining Dollars provides an 11.3 percent savings on each VCU Dining Services purchase. Additional Dining Dollars may be added following the purchase of a dining plan at any time during the semester. Additions may be made in increments of $25 (i.e., $25, $50, $75). Dining Dollars can be purchased by credit/debit card online at

Dining online enrollment and payment

Online enrollment for a VCU Dining Plan is available at Students will be billed through the Student Accounting Department and payment may be made online through VCU eServices at

Dining Plan changes or cancellations must be made by contacting VCU Dining Services at (804) 828-1148 or online at The last day to make changes or cancellations to a plan is the Friday of the second full week of classes.

Please address all dining service concerns and questions to VCU Dining Services, 1111 W. Broad St., Suite A, Room 131, P.O. Box 980247, Richmond, VA 23298-0247; call (804) 828-1148; email; or visit the website at


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