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Veterans Certification for VCU is completed within the Office of Records and Registration located in Harris Hall on the Monroe Park Campus. Detailed information about eligibility for Veterans Affairs programs is available at

Veterans Certification
Office of Records and Registration
Harris Hall
1015 Floyd Avenue
P.O. Box 842520
Richmond, Virginia 23284-2520
(804) 828-6166
Fax (804) 828-8121

Available programs

For details on any of these programs, please visit the Veterans Certification page on the Division of Strategic Enrollment Management website at

Eligibility requirements

Eligible veterans/spouses/dependents must comply with the following requirements to receive educational benefits as students:

  1. The veteran/spouse/dependent must be accepted into a degree or certificate program or be matriculating as a nondegree-seeking student for only two semesters before having to declare a major.
  2. The veteran/spouse/dependent must request certification by completing and submitting VCU’s VA Education Assistance form after obtaining approval via signature of their academic adviser and registering for courses each semester and each summer session from the Veterans Affairs Office.
  3. The veteran/spouse/dependent is eligible to use benefits for only those courses taken toward a degree, certificate program or as prerequisite courses (only two semesters).
  4. The veteran/spouse/dependent is not eligible to use benefits for courses taken on an audit basis, or if eliminating a course previously taken and paid for by the VA to remove a punitive grade not counted in GPA calculations via VCU’s historical repeat option. The repeated course(s) will be paid for by the VA but the student will incur a debt to the VA for the course(s) eliminated from the student’s GPA. The VA does not pay for courses that earn no credit.
  5. The veteran/spouse/dependent is responsible for ensuring that transcripts are evaluated for transfer credits to be accepted by VCU. Students must submit this information to the Veterans Affairs Office for transmittal to the Veteran’s Administration Regional Office.
  6. The Veterans Affairs Office must be notified by the student/veteran/spouse/dependent if they change, add, drop or withdraw from courses originally approved by the student/ veteran/spouse/dependent’s academic adviser and certified by VCU’s Veterans Affairs coordinator/certifying official.

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