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The Writing Center offers free writing assistance for undergraduates, graduate students and faculty from any discipline. Consultants trained in the practice of effective writing and writing instruction offer one-on-one sessions to facilitate writers’ work on assignments.

The Writing Center is a collaborative environment designed to help students produce sharper, more critical thinking and a greater sense of audience as they write. Writing Center consultants encourage students to connect with their work, to invest in it and to take better ownership of their thinking and the subsequent writing that they produce. Weak writing is characterized by weak thinking and exacerbated even more by the distance between the writing task and the student writer. Negotiating this distance is hard work made all the more difficult when students labor in isolation. Working with a consultant the Writing Center helps overcome this isolation and helps students to view their work as meaningful expressions of their thinking.

The Writing Center offers appointments as well as assistance on a drop-in basis. Online services are available to students enrolled in distance learning courses and for students who are otherwise unable to make it to campus for face-to-face consultations.

For more information, visit the Writing Center on the Web or call (804) 827-8108.


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