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The University Council, an advisory board to the university president, is the highest internal governance body at VCU. The council is made up of 27 faculty members, 10 students, 10 administrators, 10 classified staff members and four subcommittees: the Committee on Student Affairs, the Committee on Academic Affairs, the Committee on Faculty Affairs and the Committee on Classified Staff Affairs.

The Student Governance structure includes the Monroe Park Campus Student Government Association, the MCV Campus Student Government Association, the Programming Commission and the Student Media Commission.

The Monroe Park Campus Student Government Association is an elected body of students from the Monroe Park Campus who are organized into three branches — executive, legislative and judicial — with various committees. Legislative standing committees include academic affairs, appointments, appropriations, elections, human relations, legislative issues and civic action, publicity, and student life. The executive branch has cabinet positions that mirror legislative committees. Nonelected, at-large members are encouraged to join most of these committees. All meetings of the senate are open to the public.

The MCV Campus Student Government Association Executive officers are elected by the organization. Representatives are elected from each class in each of the health science schools on the basis of one representative per 40 students. MCV Campus SGA meetings are held monthly from September through April and are open to all MCV Campus students. The MCV Campus SGA sponsors several social functions including the MCV Campus Winter Ball and study breaks.

Additional information about the Monroe Park Campus and MCV Campus Student Government Associations may be found at

The Programming Commission coordinates programs and events planned by student organizations that specialize in major event planning. Members of the Programming Commission include: Activities Programming Board, Fall Block Step Show Planning Committee, Homecoming Planning Committee, and the InterCultural Festival Planning Committee.

The UCSC administrative office is located in University Student Commons, Room 104, 907 Floyd Ave., P.O. Box 842032, Richmond, VA 23284-2032; telephone: (804) 828-6500.


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