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Real estate valuation

McQuaid, Ms. Jana P.
Graduate Program Director
(804) 828-4622

The real estate valuation concentration is one of only eight programs in the nation that satisfies the rigorous educational requirements of the Appraisal Institute’s MAI designation. Students can satisfy most of the Appraisal Institute’s education requirements by completing the concentration. This concentration emphasizes real estate valuation while providing comprehensive education in related disciplines so that graduates’ analytical skills and abilities to communicate with other professionals are greatly enhanced. Whenever possible, students will be placed in internships with MAIs.

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Prerequisite courses  
FIRE 425 Real Estate Appraisal  
FIRE 431 Advanced Real Estate Appraisal  
A course in calculus (MGMT 212 or MGMT 500)  
Foundation courses (0 to 18 hours, dependent on the number of courses waived)  
ACCT 507 Fundamentals of Accounting  
ECON 500 Concepts in Economics  
FIRE 520 Financial Concepts of Management  
MGMT 524 Statistical Elements of Quantitative Management  
MGMT 530 Fundamentals of the Legal Environment of Business  
MKTG 570 Concepts and Issues in Marketing  
Required courses (30 credit hours)  
ECON 617 Financial Markets  
FIRE 621 Cases in Financial Management  
FIRE 627 Real Estate Development  
FIRE 628 Using GIS in Real Estate Decisions  
FIRE 629 Real Estate Investment Analysis  
FIRE 638 Real Property Investment Law  
FIRE 658 Real Estate Finance and Investments  
FIRE 697 Guided Study – Real Estate  
  FIRE 697 is a supervised research course that involves the preparation of a narrative income-property appraisal report or research project.  
MGMT 632 Statistical Analysis  
MKTG 673 Marketing Research