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Foundations of special education, minor in

The minor provides an opportunity to explore the field of special education and disabilities, for focused investigation of human behavior within the context of educational institutions or explorations related to possible or real career needs. Completion of this minor does not result in licensure or endorsement for teaching in the commonwealth of Virginia.

The minor requires a minimum of 21 semester hours. If one or more of these courses is taken to satisfy a general studies requirement or a major requirement, it may also be counted toward the minor.

EDUS 300 Foundations of Education 3
EDUS 301 Human Development and Learning or EDUS/PSYC 305 Educational Psychology 3
TEDU 330 Survey of Special Education 3
Selectives (select any four):
  • TEDU 444 Introduction to Learning Disabilities
  • TEDU 531 Collaboration and Special Education Law
  • EMOD 400 Characteristics of Children/ Adolescents with Emotional Disturbance
  • MNRT 400 Characteristics of Children and Youth with Mental Retardation
  • HPEX 431 Adaptive Physical Education
  • TEDU 541 Infants and Young Children with Special Needs