VCU Bulletins

Dual degree: Master of Science in Mass Communications/Master of Literature (in conjunction with Fudan University)

Students enrolled in the VCU-Fudan University double master’s degree program take required courses at both Fudan University in Shanghai and at VCU in Richmond, Va. The program requires a minimum of 31 credit hours: 18 are from VCU’s School of Mass Communications and the remaining 13 credit hours — preparatory foundation courses and the thesis supervision — are taken at Fudan University’s School of Journalism. Upon completion of all requirements, students in this double master’s degree program will receive both the M.S. in Mass Communications from VCU and the Master of Literature from Fudan University.

The double degree program generally takes three academic years. The first three semesters are typically completed at Fudan. Students will continue their studies in VCU’s School of Mass Communications for three semesters (second semester and summer of the second academic year and fall semester of the third academic year). Students return to Fudan for the final semester.

Admission requirements

In addition to general admission requirements for the M.S. in Mass Communications and those for the strategic public relations track, applicants for the VCU-Fudan double master’s degree program must:

Curriculum information

Preparatory foundation courses: taken at Fudan (10 credit hours, not counted toward 31 credit hours for degree)

Advanced English (2, 2)
Political theory training (2, 2)
Specialized English (2)

Basic courses: taken at Fudan (Required, 8 credit hours)

JOUR6003 Research Methods of Communication (2)
JOUR6005 Media Management (2)
JOUR6007 Marxist Journalistic Ideology (2)
JOUR6008 Research on Journalistic History and Theory (2)

Specialized courses: taken at Fudan (Electives, minimum of 5 credit hours)

JOUR6009 Journalist Practice (3)
JOUR6010 The History of China’s Journalism Thoughts (2)
JOUR6011 The Study of Communication (3)
JOUR6012 Cyber Communication (2)
JOUR6013 Marketing Communication (3)
JOUR6014 Consumer Behavior (2)
JOUR6015 The Study of PR (2)
JOUR6016 The Study of Current Publishing (3)
JOUR6017 The Study of Current  Newspapers (2)

Strategic public relations courses: taken at VCU (Required, 18 credit hours)

MASC 671 Strategic PR in a Digital Environment (3)
MASC 672 Strategic PR Research and Evaluation (3)
MASC 675 Strategic PR Management (3)
MASC 682 Strategic Media Relations (3)
MASC 683 Strategic PR in the Global Environment (3)
MASC 694 Strategic PR Campaign Design and Implementation (3)

Internship: taken at VCU (Elective, 1-3 credit hours)

MASC 695 Fieldwork/Internship (1-3)

Thesis: taken at Fudan (0)