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Mass Communications, Master of Science (M.S.) – integrated PR and advertising

The M.S. in Mass Communications with a concentration in integrated public relations and advertising is a joint degree offered in collaboration with Fudan University in Shanghai, one of VCU’s 16 recognized international partners, and VCU’s School of Mass Communications. It is designed to educate Chinese students for the practice, in China, of professional public relations and/or advertising. Because in many agencies and organizations public relations and advertising are integrated, we are integrating the two professional disciplines in one degree program. The program is for Chinese students who have undergraduate degrees from a Chinese institution and who are already working or aspire to work in China for a public relations or advertising agency or an agency that combines the two persuasive communication disciplines. It is also open to students in the U.S. with the same undergraduate education and a desire to work in an internationally active public relations or advertising agency that does business in Asia/China. The program will prepare its students to function at a higher professional level than they can attain with their current academic and professional credentials.

This is a 30-credit program comprising 15 credit hours of VCU courses and 15 credit hours of Fudan University courses. All but one of the courses, a 1-credit thesis/project course, would be taught in Shanghai at Fudan University; the VCU courses would be taught by VCU faculty and the Fudan courses by Fudan faculty. The 1-credit thesis/project course is taught in a two-week residency at VCU in Richmond. VCU courses are taught in three-week blocks in Fudan’s winter/spring semester (January through May), on Fridays and Saturdays, totaling 45 hours of instruction per 3-credit course. The 1-credit thesis/project course is taught in Richmond at VCU during the VCU summer session. Fudan courses are taught over regular Fudan University fall semesters prior to and following the VCU courses.

All students are required to demonstrate proficiency in a suite of software programs commonly used by public relations and advertising practitioners before enrolling in their first VCU course.

Student learning outcomes

Students graduating from this program will: