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The t-DPT program will require 15 to 21 credits. The program must be completed within three years of matriculation. Students will be required to complete:

Required core courses for the t-DPT program

PHTY 603 Evidence-Based Practice I 3
PHTY 604 Evidence-Based Practice II 4
PHTY 610 Physical Therapy Evaluation in the Direct Access Setting 2
PHTY 503 Applied Exercise Physiology 3
Total 12
Elective courses for the t-DPT program  
PHTY 615 Pharmacology 1
PHTY 617 t-DPT Gross Anatomy 3
PHTY 614 Evidence for Neurologic Practice 2
PHTY 613 Evidence for Orthopedic Practice 2
PHTY 616 Evidence for Tissue Healing and Therapeutic Modalities 2
Total 3-9

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