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Dual degree: Master of Business Administration/Master of Education in Sport Leadership

The dual degree M.B.A./M.Ed. in Sport Leadership will prepare students for leadership positions by combining the business teaching of an M.B.A. program with sport industry-specific knowledge gained in the M.Ed. program. This degree combination recognizes the growing complexity of the sport industry and reinforces the Center for Sport Leadership’s commitment to preparing students for the leadership challenges of the future. The dual degree offers students course work and knowledge they will need to be successful in a business setting combined with the application and networking skills required in today’s sport industry.

The M.B.A. phase of the program will encompass a problem-based learning style, immersing students in collaborative projects and working situations that are commonplace in the business world. Students will learn business concepts in a real-life context and develop skills in communication, collaboration and teamwork that are essential for success while developing their abilities to be creative, take initiative and accept personal responsibility for their actions.

The M.Ed. program will combine classroom and practical experience to prepare individuals for leadership positions in the sport industry. An interdisciplinary approach gives students the freedom to choose courses of personal interest and build a foundation of knowledge in their desired career fields.

Students may enter the program only in the fall semester and can complete both degrees with two years of study and will receive both degrees at the conclusion of the entire program.

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Suggested curriculum

Fall 1: 12 credits
ECON 610 Managerial Economics
MGMT 641 Organizational Leadership and Project Team Management
SPTL 603 Research Methods in Sport
SPTL 634 Foundations of Coaching

Spring 1: 12 credits
FIRE 623 Financial Management
MKTG 671 Marketing Management
SPTL 630 Sociology of Sport
SPTL 632 Sport Business

Summer 1: 6 credits
SPTL 695 Externship

Fall 2: 12 credits
ACCT 608 Managerial Accounting Concepts
INFO 661 Information Systems for Managers
SPTL 608 Sport and Entertainment Event Development

Spring 2: 12 credits
INFO 664 Information Systems for Business Intelligence
MGMT 675 Operations Management
SPTL 610 Sport and Entertainment Event Development

Summer 2: 6 credits
MGMT 642 Business Policy



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