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Interdisciplinary arts/off-campus program

Howard, Edward A.
Director, M.I.S. Interdisciplinary Arts Program
(804) 828-8819


Admission to this program has been suspended pending closure.

The School of the Arts and the Office of Community Programs jointly administer the M.I.S. Interdisciplinary Arts/Off-campus program with a focus in studio art. This program provides an opportunity for the off-campus student to earn a graduate degree by combining art courses, both studio and academic, within established guidelines. The program is not the equivalent of a Master of Fine Arts degree; it does, however, provide an additional option for qualified persons, especially art teachers, who are interested in studio art classes. Focus areas include, but are not limited to, crafts, computers and the arts, painting, photography, printmaking, drawing, and sculpture.

Off-campus graduate art classes are offered at a variety of sites from Fairfax County, Va., to Virginia Beach — in the late afternoon during the regular school year and in all-day workshops during the summer. Both studio art and art education courses are offered. Open to all qualified students, these courses may be used for personal enrichment, license renewal or as part of a degree program. Most of the participants in the off-campus art classes are public school teachers. An exciting aspect of the program is that their students begin to benefit immediately as the teachers transfer renewed skills, knowledge and creative excitement to their own classrooms.

Admission requirements

An admissions committee in the School of the Arts will review applications to the M.I.S. Interdisciplinary Arts program of study. The committee will look for demonstrated strength in at least one discipline. In addition to general VCU Graduate School requirements for admission and the general requirements for admission to the M.I.S program, applicants to the M.I.S. Interdisciplinary Arts program must:

Many students prefer to take a course before deciding to apply to the M.I.S. degree program. Students who are interested in working toward a degree are encouraged to apply to the program as early as possible, however, since a maximum of six credit hours taken as a nondegree-seeking student may be counted toward the degree.

Program requirements

In addition to the general M.I.S. degree requirements, the Interdisciplinary Arts track requires the completion of 39 graduate semester credit hours as follows:

Students should refer to the M.I.S. Interdisciplinary Arts Web site for a detailed description of program requirements, including focus areas and elective options, final project information, continuous enrollment requirements, and the Master of Interdisciplinary Studies in Interdisciplinary Arts guidelines booklet



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