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Pharmaceutical Sciences, Master of Science (M.S.)

Academic regulations


While most students register for the first semester beginning in August, arrangements may be made to initiate graduate work at other times during the academic year.

Financial assistance

Graduate students in the pharmaceutical sciences may receive support via teaching assistantships, research assistantships or fellowships. The American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education provides support to eligible applicants for graduate study in the pharmaceutical sciences. Students pursuing the master’s degree will not be supported by university teaching assistantships.

The student’s adviser and the advisory committee

The departmental graduate program will advise students until a permanent adviser has been chosen. During their first semester, new graduate students are required to arrange interviews with each graduate faculty member of their major department to discuss research projects. The selection of an adviser and a research project are made in accordance with the rules and procedures of the student’s department. The adviser will arrange for the appointment of the student’s advisory committee. The responsibilities of the adviser and the advisory committee are described in the School of Pharmacy section of this bulletin.

Requirements for graduate degrees

Graduate students in the pharmaceutical sciences must satisfy the graduate degree requirements described in the School of Pharmacy section of this bulletin. In some cases, more stringent requirements are imposed. These are described in detail in departmental graduate student/rule handbooks, which are issued to all students.

All graduate students are required to attend seminars in their own discipline and are encouraged to attend seminars of interest in other departments. Students are required to present seminars satisfactory to the faculty.

Graduate students are expected to devote maximum effort to the pursuit of their education. During normal working hours, graduate students are expected to be working on their research projects when they are not in class. Graduate students who are progressing satisfactorily may be granted permission to take outside employment during evenings or weekends.

Graduate program admission requirements

General requirements pertaining to the graduate program in pharmaceutical sciences follow the same guidelines for graduate studies at VCU.

Admission to the graduate program in pharmaceutical sciences is open to students having a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, or bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, premed, engineering or a related science. Exceptions to this statement may apply to students enrolled in the Pharm.D. curriculum who wish to apply for the combined Pharm.D. and Ph.D. degrees. Acceptance is based upon undergraduate performance, satisfactory scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), letters of recommendation and, where applicable, TOEFL scores. The current requirement for the GRE exam is that all applicants take the General Test containing the Mathematical Reasoning portion.

Application forms and instructions for applying to all graduate programs are available on the Graduate School Web site at


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