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Art History, Master of Arts (M.A.) with a concentration in historical studies

Degree requirements

A total of 30 credits in course work and thesis

Art history (period courses) 21
Historiography and methodology 3
Thesis 6

At least 12 of the 21 art history credits must be taken at the 600 or 700 level; if the student’s focus is Western art, at least one course must be in a non-Western area and vice versa. Students must earn a minimum grade of B in ARTH 690 Historiography and Methodology of Art History in order to enroll in subsequent graduate-level art history courses.

Students must demonstrate a reading knowledge of German or any appropriate Romance language by passing a departmental exam. All students must take the relevant departmental language exam during the first academic semester. Requests to repeat the exam more than once in a given language require departmental approval.

Students also must demonstrate general programmatic competence in art history by passing a comprehensive examination, taken sometime toward the end of the course work.

The master’s program culminates with a thesis, written under the direction of a departmental adviser and a thesis committee.

For more complete information and details on these procedures, contact the Department of Art History.


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