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Gender Violence Intervention, Certificate in (Post-baccalaureate graduate certificate)

The post-baccalaureate Certificate in Gender Violence Intervention is designed to prepare individuals for positions related to understanding, studying, responding to and preventing sexual and domestic violence in a variety of communities and settings. It provides specialized study in gender violence and can be earned on its own or in conjunction with another graduate degree in the Wilder School or the School of Social Work.

Student learning outcomes

Admission and matriculation requirements

Students possessing a B.A. or B.S. degree are eligible for admission into the certificate program. Relevant course or practical experience will be considered in evaluating admission and substitution of courses. No more than six hours of substitution or equivalency credit will be granted. An overall GPA of 3.0 is required for award of the certificate, and no more than one grade of C may be earned in the certificate program curriculum.


A total of 18 hours is required to earn the certificate in gender violence intervention. Four courses (12 credits) are required. In addition, an internship course (three credits), which offers the opportunity for involvement in all phases of work in this field is required. For the remaining three credits, students may choose one of several elective options.

Required courses Credits
GVPA 693 Internship 3
PADM 650 Principles of Nonprofit Management 3
SLWK 761 Interpersonal Violence 3
SOCY 623 Research Methods 3
SOCY 635 Theorizing Gender Violence 3
SOCY 631 Battered Women in the Criminal Justice System
SOCY 633 Application of the Policy Process to Issues of Violence
SOCY 660 Seminar in the Sociology of Women
Any graduate-level SOCY seminar course



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