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Admissions requirements for applicants with an associate degree in laboratory science

Certified MLTs (CLTs) qualify for special admission with less than 60 hours of credit. An MLT (CLT) applicant must have a minimum of 44 non-MLT semester hours of transferable credit for admission as a full-time student (38 hours for part-time admission). The transfer hours must include: 8 hours of biology, 8 hours of chemistry, 3 hours of mathematics and 6 hours of English composition. MLTs admitted under special status are required to complete the science, humanities and social sciences requirements for regular admission before they qualify for graduation.

CLS credit may be granted for upper-level course requirements through challenge examinations or exemptions based on documented competencies, depending upon a student’s past academic performance in previous course work and clinical experience.

MLTs (CLTs) who meet the exemption eligibility requirements for the junior-level laboratory portions of the curriculum may take the CLS course work online.


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