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African American Studies, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with a concentration in African American health

Special requirements

Students majoring in African American studies must meet the general education requirements of the College of Humanities and Sciences.

The Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies requires the completion of 120 credits with at least 36 credits in African American studies courses. At least 21 of the 36 credits in African American studies must be in upper-division courses. Students are required to take at least one approved course pertinent to each of the following geographical regions: (1) Africa, (2) North America and (3) Latin America or the Caribbean.

Students in the African American health concentration establish an area of study by taking a minimum of four courses in African American health. When courses not cross-listed with African American Studies are used to meet the concentration requirement, they must be selected in consultation with the African American studies adviser.

The Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies gives students the opportunity to pursue a liberal education consistent with their intellectual interests and career goals. This program prepares students for graduate studies in African American studies and other fields. African American studies majors interested in teaching careers at the middle school level can enroll in the Extended Teacher Preparation Program, provided they have fulfilled the requirements of a minor in any of the sciences, mathematics, English, history or political science. Eligibility to teach at the secondary level requires African American studies majors to complete a second liberal arts major in the subject they plan to teach.

Degree requirements African American Studies, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with a concentration in African American health

Learning outcomes

Upon completing this program, students will know and know how to do the following:

  • Be proficient in the basic use of computers
  • Employ interdisciplinary methods and suggest approaches or solutions to global issues, particularly those involving persons of African descent
  • Write about and discuss the field’s history, relevance and scope
  • Summarize, analyze and evaluate scholarly and/or popular works dealing with the black experience, both orally and in writing
  • Gather data and information in related disciplines to investigate topics or issues related to the black experience
  • Locate and use databases recognized in the field of African American studies to conduct independent research
  • Identify significant historical events, persons and scholarship that document the role and value of African and African American literature and arts
  • Communicate with diverse communities, recognize interdependence and be exposed to an ethic of community engagement
  • Understand the range and scope of the concept of health and how various disciplines contribute to understanding health and health disparities
General Education requirements (32-46 credits) Credits
University Core Education Curriculum (minimum 21 credits)
UNIV 111 Focused Inquiry I 3
UNIV 112 Focused Inquiry II 3
UNIV 200 Inquiry and the Craft of Argument 3
Approved humanities/fine arts 3
Approved natural/physical sciences 3-4
Approved quantitative literacy 3-4
Approved social/behavioral sciences 3-4
Additional College of Humanities and Sciences requirements (11-23 credits)  
HUMS 202 Choices in a Consumer Society 1
Approved H&S diverse and global communities 3
Approved H&S general education electives 6-8
Approved H&S human, social and political behavior (fulfills University Core social/behavioral sciences)  
Approved H&S literature and civilization (fulfills University Core humanities/fine arts)  
Approved H&S science and technology (fulfills University Core natural/physical sciences)  
Experiential fine arts (course offered by the School of the Arts) 1-3
Foreign language through the 102 level (by course or placement) 0-8
Major requirements (36 credits)  
AFAM 103 Introduction to African American Studies 3
AFAM 208 African-American Social Thought 3
AFAM 308 Modes of Inquiry in African-American Studies 3
AFAM 309/ANTH 309/INTL 309/GSWS 309 Global Women's Health or AFAM 322/PSYC 322 Personality and Behavior of the African American 3
AFAM 310 African American Health: Health Disparities 3
AFAM 394 Service-learning in African American Health 3
AFAM 408 Seminar in African-American Studies (capstone) 3
AFAM 416/ANTH 416 Origin and Evolution of the Idea of Race 3
AFAM 494 Internship in African American Health 3
Geogrpahical areas requirement (Complete one course in each of these = geographical areas.) 9
North America  
Latin America or the Caribbean  
Open electives (38-52 credits)  
Total minimum requirement 120

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