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On May 16, 2003, the Board of Visitors of Virginia Commonwealth University approved the creation of the School of World Studies within the College of Humanities and Sciences. The school is a creative, interdisciplinary grouping of subject areas in the humanities and the social sciences that provides its students with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary for success in an increasingly interdependent, globalized 21st century.

Sensitivity to the values, beliefs and structures of other cultures is a necessary characteristic of community and business leaders of the next century. The ability to live and work alongside those who are perceived as different from oneself and to recognize similarities among all humans will become an increasingly essential attribute of an educated citizen.

To achieve its mission, the School of World Studies actively fosters and promotes a wide range of endeavors, including the establishment of interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs with an international focus across the campuses, and develops close ties with such programs as African American studies, womens studies, English, history, life sciences and other units throughout the university. In addition there are collateral requirements such as experiential learning through an approved internship, service-learning course or study-abroad program, the fulfillment of a World Passport, and advanced language skills.

Although the programs currently encompassed by the school are primarily at the undergraduate level, the School of World Studies offers a select number of graduate courses.


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