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Clinical laboratory scientists have been trained on the MCV Campus since 1927. However, the Department (formerly school) of Medical Technology was not formally established until 1952, at which time the curriculum included six months of didactic experience with lectures and laboratory sessions held in the department, followed by a six-month rotation through the clinical laboratories. The school offered a certificate and/or bachelor’s degree program; the certificate program was discontinued during the 1961-62 school year.

In 1974 the curriculum was expanded to the current two-plus-two year program in which students complete 60 semester hours of prerequisites followed by two years of professional course work. The graduate program in clinical laboratory sciences was started in 1967 to provide advanced education for certified medical technologists/clinical laboratory scientists. In 1985 the program was modified to allow candidates holding a degree in another area of science to obtain graduate education in clinical laboratory sciences.

In 1994, the department name was changed to the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences. In 2003, an accelerated track was initiated to integrate the undergraduate and graduate programs, which requires completion of two years of prerequisites and three years of full-time professional course work, and leads to the simultaneous awarding of both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees.


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