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Licensure and reciprocity

Upon completion of degree requirements in any of VCU’s teacher preparation programs and with the recommendation of the School of Education, students are eligible to receive initial teacher licensure from the Virginia Department of Education. For additional information on licensure, licensure renewal or an add-on endorsement, contact the School of Education’s Student Services Center.

In Virginia, initial licensure requires successful completion of state-mandated tests. Passing scores on these tests are required to progress through different portions of the licensure programs from admission to teacher preparation, admission to student teaching and recommendation for licensure. For a list of testing requirements, please refer to the School of Education website at

Students should request that their Praxis I and Praxis II specialty area test scores be reported to VCU and the Virginia Department of Education.

Before a recommendation for licensure can be sent to the Teacher Licensure Division of the Virginia Department of Education, these test scores must be on file with the School of Education’s Student Services Center.

Licensure for education personnel

Licensure and endorsement are based in part on the successful completion of an approved program developed in response to nationally recognized standards. All licensure and endorsement programs offered by the School of Education are approved by the Virginia Department of Education and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. The commonwealth of Virginia is a member of the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification, which has a national reciprocity agreement for teacher licensure. Therefore, all licensure and endorsement programs in the School of Education have approved program status and are a part of the NASDTEC Certification Reciprocity Agreement. Information about VCU students’ performance on the state-mandated licensure tests (Praxis I Reading, Writing and Mathematics, Praxis II Specialty Area Tests, and other required assessments) is available on the School of Education Web site:

Graduate programs leading to initial teacher licensure

Individuals often decide to pursue a teaching career after they have completed a baccalaureate degree. VCU serves qualified individuals through approved programs leading to a Master of Teaching, Master of Education (special education) or a Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Teaching. Upon completion of a degree program, graduates are eligible for both Virginia licensure and/or endorsement in the specific degree area.

Students seeking initial licensure in Virginia must have earned a liberal arts degree (or its equivalent) and pursue professional studies focusing on a specific area of preparation or licensure. Those without a liberal arts degree who enter a program should expect to take some additional course work prior to the awarding of a degree.

Those planning to teach at the secondary level must possess a major or its equivalent in the discipline in which they wish to teach and for which VCU offers the approved program teaching specialty.

Individuals who wish to obtain licensure in art education, music education or theater education should consult the School of the Arts section of this bulletin.

The Master of Teaching program integrates undergraduate course work for a bachelor’s degree in a liberal arts or science major with course work and graduate study leading to a Master of Teaching in a program area.

Approved programs and certification reciprocity

All of VCU’s initial teacher preparation programs are approved by the Virginia Department of Education and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. VCU’s School of Education also holds membership in the American and Virginia Associations of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Holmes Partnership.

Based on the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification agreement, VCU graduates will be eligible for teacher licensure reciprocity with other states. Students interested in licensure reciprocity should contact the School of Education’s Office of Student Services.


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