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Alumni Association

The School of Social Work Alumni Association supports the school, its students and faculty. All graduates of the School of Social Work are members of the alumni association. The association falls under the umbrella of the VCU Alumni Association.

B.S.W. Student Association

The Baccalaureate Social Work Student Association, an organization of students in the Bachelor of Social Work Program, was established to facilitate communication among students and between the student body and the school faculty and staff. This organization plays a vital role in the educational process. Through student representation on committees within the school, BSWSA members participate in decision-making processes. In addition, the association enables students to conduct a variety of social and professional activities throughout the year.

M.S.W. Student Association

The Master of Social Work Student Association is the organization of M.S.W. students enrolled in the school. Established for the purposes of facilitating communication among students and between the student body and the school, the association provides a means by which student concerns and ideas can be formulated and acted upon. It also enables students to conduct a variety of social, civic and educational activities throughout the year.

This organization plays a vital role in the educational process. Student contributions to the governance and curriculum of the school are of value to both the institution and the students. Participation in the decision-making process is accomplished through student representation on committees. Faculty and students work closely together throughout the year to meet the needs of graduate social work education. Students participate as full members of committees within the school.

Association of Black Social Workers – VCU Chapter

The Association of Black Social Workers was established to create and maintain an atmosphere of unity and support among black students in the School of Social Work. It serves to assist students in their personal and professional growth and development. Membership in this organization helps students to develop a keen awareness of the acute needs of the black community and the active role that must be assumed by the dedicated black professional social worker in promoting the general welfare of black citizens. To attain these goals, the organization utilizes the educational process and related experiences of students at the school and in fieldwork. Students are encouraged to participate in all phases of the academic environment.

International Student Association (Northern Virginia Campus)

The International Student Association provides a forum for discussion and serves as a resource for information regarding all aspects of international social work. The association sponsors lectures, speakers and open discussions. All students, faculty or alumni who are interested in international social work are invited to become members or to attend meetings.

Doctoral Student Association

The Doctoral Student Association is a collegial association available to all doctoral students regardless of full- or part-time status. Its primary purpose is to provide information, resources, advocacy and support to students throughout the doctoral program experience. Governance of the association is conducted on a rotating leadership and consensual basis. The Doctoral Student Association provides doctoral student representatives to various committees of the school governance structure.

Other student interest groups

The School of Social Work supports the development of groups that address a variety of student needs and interests.


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