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Accounting, Certificate in (Post-baccalaureate undergraduate certificate)

The Post-baccalaureate Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting is designed for individuals who want an extensive knowledge of accounting and hold bachelor’s degrees in other fields. Additionally, graduates are well-qualified to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination in Virginia. Candidates for the certificate are required to complete a total of 16 courses (48 credit hours). A maximum of 10 courses (30 credit hours) may be waived if equivalent courses have been completed as part of a bachelor’s degree, and a minimum of 24 hours of study must be taken at VCU.

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Course work in the certificate program is divided into two categories. Students must complete a core of accounting classes as well as general business courses. The course information is provided below.

Accounting courses 21
ACCT 303 Intermediate Accounting I  
ACCT 304 Intermediate Accounting II  
ACCT 305 Intermediate Accounting III  
ACCT 306 Cost Accounting  
ACCT 307 Accounting Systems  
ACCT 405 Tax Accounting Principles  
ACCT 406 Auditing  
Elective accounting courses
(select one course from the following)
ACCT 401 Governmental and Not-for-profit Accounting  
ACCT 402 Advanced Cost Accounting  
ACCT 403 Management Control Systems  
ACCT 410 Advanced Tax Accounting  
ACCT 513 Financial Reporting  
Required business course 3
ACCT 481 Law for Accountants I  
Elective business courses
Select seven non-accounting business courses; must be 300- or 400-level. Several suggested courses are as follows:
ECON 303 Managerial Economics  
FIRE 311 Financial Management  
FIRE 312 Intermediate Financial Management  
FIRE 314 Investments  
FIRE 333 Risk and Insurance  
FIRE 416 International Financial Management  
MGMT 319 Organizational Behavior  
MGMT 320 Production/Operations Management  
MGMT 321 Introduction to Entrepreneurship  
MGMT 325 Organizational Communication  
MGMT 331 Human Resource Management  
MGMT 339 Quantitative Solutions for Management  
MGMT 389 Managerial Skills Development  
MGMT 418 International Management  
MKTG 301 Marketing Principles  
Total credits 48



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