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Combined Certificate in Aging Studies (Post-baccalaureate graduate certificate) and Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

The Department of Gerontology in cooperation with the School of Pharmacy provides an opportunity for students in the Doctor of Pharmacy program to complete the certificate. This 21-credit program is designed to integrate the required independent study project in gerontology into the Pharm.D. curriculum’s clerkship assignment.

GRTY 601 Biological and Physiological Aging 3
GRTY/PSYC 602 Psychology of Aging 3
GRTY 603 Social Gerontology 3
GRTY 692 Independent Studies
GRTY elective(s) 3
PHAR 529 Clinical Therapeutics Module III: Introduction to Special Populations 1
PHAR 533 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience IV: Clinical Patient Care (service learning) .5
PHAR 565 Evidence-based Pharmacy II: Research Methods and Statistics 2.5
PHAR 566 Evidence-based Pharmacy III: Drug Literature Evaluation 2
PHAR 721 Clinical Therapeutics Module XVII: Special Populations 1



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