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Combined Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) and Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Curriculum requirements

To earn both degrees, students will complete the following requirements. For the Pharm.D. program, all required Pharm.D. prerequisite and required courses must be taken unless waived by the appropriate representative of the School of Pharmacy. For the M.B.A. program requirements, the foundation courses listed below must be taken. Courses may be waived for students who have taken the equivalent material at the undergraduate level.

ACCT 507 Fundamentals of Accounting  
ECON 500 Concepts in Economics  
FIRE 520 Financial Concepts of Management  
MGMT 524 Statistical Elements of Quantitative Management  
MGMT 530 Fundamentals of the Legal Environment of Business  
MGMT 540 Management Theory and Practice  
MKTG 570 Concepts and Issues in Marketing  
The following nine courses of the M.B.A. Advanced Program will be required for each student:
Semester one: (to be taken at same time)
ECON 610 Managerial Economics
MGMT 641 Organization Leadership and Project Team Management
Semester two:
FIRE 623 Financial Management
Remainder of the Advanced Program
ACCT 608 Managerial Accounting
INFO 661 Information Systems for Managers
INFO 664 Information Systems for Business Intelligence
MGMT 642 Business Policy (to be taken after completion of 15 credits of advanced program)
MGMT 675 Operations Management
MKTG 671 Marketing Management
Three M.B.A. elective courses may be taken in the School of Business or by completing approved Pharm.D. electives and/or an applied pharmacy practice experience in pharmacy management, as individually approved by the director of graduate programs in the School of Business.

The key to successful completion of the Pharm.D./M.B.A. dual degree program will be timely and continuing advising from both the appropriate School of Pharmacy adviser and the director of graduate programs in the School of Business. For this reason, students are encouraged to seek admission to the dual degree program as early in their Pharm.D. program as possible.


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