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Admission to programs of the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs is available to qualified students on a rolling admissions basis. Since the demand for admission to some programs is high and space availability is limited, students are encouraged to apply well in advance of their proposed admission dates.

As outlined below, admission requirements vary by academic program. No application packet will be considered by the relevant program admissions committee until all the required materials have been submitted by the applicant.

Application forms and instructions for applying to all graduate programs are available on the Graduate School Web site at

Admission to a master’s program from the certificate programs

The Graduate Certificate in Public Management and the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management are designed for persons in professional positions who require a limited number of courses in contemporary management theory and skills. However, if a student later decides to pursue the M.P.A. degree, successfully completed certificate courses may be applied toward the degree. Successful completion of either certificate does not guarantee admission into the M.P.A. degree program.

The courses in the Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Criminal Justice program are the same as the master’s courses and, with grades of “B” or better and upon acceptance into the master’s degree program, are fully transferable to the Master of Science in Criminal Justice program.

All courses in the Certificate in Urban Revitalization may be applied to meet the requirement of the Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree. However, successful completion of the certificate program does not guarantee admission into the M.U.R.P. Degree program.

Provisional admission


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