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The chief administrative office for the School of Education is the Office of the Dean, Room 2090 Oliver Hall. Two associate deans assist in the administrative functions of the school. The associate dean for academic affairs is responsible for the school’s Office of Assessment and Technology Services, is responsible for all academic programs offered by the school, assists each department in the administration of the various degree programs and handles administrative areas related to admission, matriculation, graduation and special actions and appeals for graduate students. The associate dean for student affairs is responsible for the school’s student services offices and handles the administrative areas related to admissions, matriculation, student appeals and graduation applications for undergraduate students.

The school is organized for the management of instruction and degree programs into six departments: Counselor Education, Educational Leadership, Foundations of Education, Health and Human Performance, Special Education and Disability Policy, and Teaching and Learning. Four of the departments offer undergraduate course work or programs that lead to an undergraduate degree and/or a Master of Teaching (M.T.) degree:

Two departments offer graduate degrees only:


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