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Graduation from the School of Pharmacy with a professional degree affords the opportunity to pursue one of several career paths. The most familiar role is as a provider of pharmaceutical care to ambulatory patients in a community setting. In this setting the pharmacist may be self-employed or may be an employee of an organization such as an independent pharmacy, a corporate chain of pharmacies or a managed care pharmacy in a health maintenance organization.

Many pharmacists also practice in institutional settings such as hospitals or other health care institutions.

The pharmaceutical industry also employs pharmacists in several areas including manufacturing, quality control, research, sales and as medical service representatives who call on physicians. Opportunities also are available in various government services, such as public health and veterans affairs, as well as in government-operated laboratories.

In most cases, those who aspire to engage in independent research or to teach seek graduate degrees in the pharmaceutical sciences or in specialty fields related to pharmacy, or they complete pharmacy residency or fellowship program.

The American Pharmacists Association Pathway Evaluation Program provides information about the many areas of pharmacy practice. The program offers an interactive assessment tool and extensive background information about the pharmacy profession. Individuals interested in learning more about the profession are encouraged to select the Careers menu on the APhA website at


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