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Student financial responsibilities

Students who enroll are responsible for:

Tuition and fees are categorized and described on the Student Accounting Web site at

Full-time and part-time graduate study

Graduate students registered for nine to 15 credit hours are considered full time and are charged a flat rate for tuition and fees. Graduate students registered for more than 15 credit hours during any semester will be charged an overload graduate tuition fee on a per-credit-hour basis above the full-time tuition rate. Graduate students registered for fewer than nine credit hours are charged a graduate per-credit-hour rate based on their program. Graduate students fully funded as graduate assistants or graduate fellows with tuition remission must register for at least nine credit hours per semester (three credit hours during the summer if funded on a 12-month stipend). Departmental requirements may vary; therefore, students should verify expected course loads with their graduate program directors.

Nondegree-seeking students who hold bachelor’s degrees are classified as DHG (degree-holder graduate) if they enroll in one or more graduate courses. DHG students are charged the graduate rate regardless of whether they enroll in graduate- or undergraduate-level courses. If they enroll for nine or more credits, they are charged at the full-time graduate rate.


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