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Medicine, Doctor of (M.D.)

Jerome F. Strauss III, M.D., Ph.D.
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The program for the M.D. degree is divided into four phases. The Scientific Foundations of Medicine covers the first semester and emphasizes the basic science concepts within a clinical context that every student must master to progress with a medical education. The Applied Medical Sciences integrate basic science principles with pathophysiology and treatment using an organ-system approach. This course runs two semesters. The last two years cover the Clinical Concentrations and Advanced Clinical Concentrations. Students are expected to successfully complete clerkships in seven core areas in addition to advanced training that assesses their competency to practice with supervision. There are also opportunities for students to take electives throughout the clinical concentrations to enrich their medical experience and to assist them in planning a career within a specific field of medicine.

School of Medicine students begin their clinical exposure in the first week of medical school in the Practice of Clinical Medicine course. The first week is a “boot camp” in learning the history and physical examination culminating in performing an H and P on a standardized patient that Friday. This longitudinal experience runs throughout the four years and consists of sessions in a physician’s office, small-group sessions, workshops and interacting with standardized patients and simulators, and, finally, care of patients in advanced clinical settings. This course gives students the opportunity to learn the clinical relevance of basic science material and to work with a primary care role model.



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