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Health Related Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Paula K. Kupstas, Ph.D.
Associate professor and director
(804) 828-1914

Monica L. White
Program coordinator
(804) 828-3273


Admission requirements summary

Health Related Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Indicate specialization:
clinical laboratory sciences, gerontology, health care outcomes research, nurse anesthesia, occupational therapy, physical therapy, radiation sciences, rehabilitation leadership or patient counseling

of entry:


Mar 15

Special requirements:
Contact School of Allied Health Professions Dean’s Office for specific admission requirements

The Doctor of Philosophy Program in Health Related Sciences in the School of Allied Health Professions was designed as a distance learning program with the cooperation and commitment of the nine departments of the school: Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Gerontology, Health Administration, Nurse Anesthesia, Occupational Therapy, Patient Counseling, Physical Therapy, Radiation Sciences and Rehabilitation Counseling.

The mission of the School of Allied Health Professions is to serve as an international leader in the education of excellent, innovative and responsible allied health professionals. Educational formats that are technologically advanced and accessible to students through on-campus and distance learning are emphasized throughout all programs in the school. In addition, the school promotes excellence in health care service and encourages collaborative research that generates state-of-the-art and specialized knowledge.

This doctoral program involves a four-year course of study. It is designed to meet the critical need for doctorally prepared allied health professionals across the nation, specifically in the areas of teaching, research and administration. The departments of the School of Allied Health Professions offer a doctoral curriculum with a common interdisciplinary core of courses and nine specialty tracks germane to the disciplines of the participating departments.

Student learning outcomes

Students completing this doctoral program will:



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