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Health Services Organization and Research, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Jan Clement, Ph.D
Professor and director, HSOR doctoral program
(804) 828-7799

Carolyn W. Wells
Coordinator, HSOR doctoral program
(804) 828-7799


Admission requirements summary

Health Services Organization and Research, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

of entry:

Fall only

Mar 15

Applications received by Dec 15 given priority for funding

(Applications reviewed throughout year)


TOEFL for international students
Special requirements:
Visit, select prospective students, doctoral program

The Ph.D. in Health Services Organization and Research program is a challenging 57-credit program that prepares individuals for positions as faculty, researchers, policy analysts and top-level staff in complex health organizations. Students learn to apply research methods and scientific knowledge drawn from the behavioral and managerial sciences to the study of health organizations, services and systems. The program is designed to meet the distinctive professional development needs of (1) clinical professionals who want to prepare for positions as faculty and independent researchers, (2) administrative professionals who want to prepare for positions as faculty, researchers or consultants, and (3) researchers and policy analysts who want to create depth through specialization in health services organization and research.

Courses are distributed across four areas: foundations of health services organization and research (nine credit hours), health services organization theory (12 credit hours), health services research methods (18 credit hours), and an area of specialization (nine credit hours). Students take two written comprehensive examinations, covering health services organization theory and health services research methods. Areas of specialization are drawn from elective courses and from independent study with faculty members in their areas of expertise, such as long-term care, mental health services, managed care, quality management or international health. The course work is sequenced so that it can be completed in two years of full-time study (exclusive of dissertation credits). In addition, nine credit hours of dissertation credit are required. Students orally defend a written dissertation proposal before their dissertation committee. Subsequently they write and orally defend the completed dissertation.

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