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Rehabilitation and Movement Science, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Sheryl Finucane, Ph.D., PT
Assistant professor and coordinator of graduate programs, Department of Physical Therapy
(804) 828-0234

Ronald Evans, Ph.D.
Associate professor and coordinator of graduate programs, Department of Health and Human Performance
(804) 828-1948


Admission requirements summary

Rehabilitation and Movement Science, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

of entry:

Fall preferred

Applications received prior to Jan 9 will be given priority consideration


The Ph.D. in Rehabilitation and Movement Science is an interdisciplinary degree program developed through a collaborative partnership of the departments of Health and Human Performance, Physical Therapy, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The mission of this collaborative degree program is to prepare applied scientists capable of approaching multifaceted health care, preventive medicine and rehabilitation initiatives from an integrative rather than competitive perspective, and to prepare graduates to assume leadership positions in higher education teaching, research and management within rehabilitation and movement science.

There are two program tracks: exercise physiology and neuromusculoskeletal dynamics. The exercise physiology track prepares individuals to teach, conduct research and direct external funding initiatives in the area of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and physiology, particularly in areas associated with metabolic and chronic disease states. The neuromusculoskeletal dynamics track prepares individuals for teaching, research and clinical initiatives associated with the identification and rehabilitation of movement disorders.

Student learning outcomes

Teaching effectiveness
Students will demonstrate teaching effectiveness in the classroom, clinical environment or both.

Dissemination of research
Students will disseminate research findings at an appropriate regional, national or international conference.

Research independence
Students will demonstrate the ability to independently collect research data, analyze research data and synthesize conclusions from research data.



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