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Individual Master of Interdisciplinary Studies programs

Sandkam, Sherry T.
Director, M.I.S. Interdisciplinary Individual Programs
(804) 828-6848


The Master of Interdisciplinary Studies degree program provides an opportunity for the highly motivated student to develop an individualized program of study that combines graduate course work in two or more selected disciplines. This opportunity is available for graduate students who wish to pursue a clearly defined, multidisciplinary program that does not duplicate an existing professional curriculum or specialization in a traditional program.

Admission requirements

Admission to this program has been suspended.

In addition to the general VCU Graduate School requirements and the general requirements for admission to the M.I.S program, applicants who are proposing an individualized course of study must:

Students who are interested in working toward a degree are encouraged to apply to the program as early as possible, since a maximum of six credit hours taken as a nondegree-seeking student may be counted toward the degree.

Members of the admission committee include the directors of graduate study of the two focus areas identified in the curriculum proposal and the director of the M.I.S. program. To facilitate the application process, M.I.S. applicants who are proposing individualized programs of study are strongly encouraged to schedule preliminary advising interviews with the director of the M.I.S. program to discuss their academic goals and curricular proposals.

Program requirements

In addition to the general M.I.S. degree requirements, students who are admitted to individual M.I.S. programs of study must:



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