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Pharmacotherapy or pharmacoeconomics and health outcomes

Wu-Pong, Dr. Susanna
Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Programs
(804) 828-4328

Admission requirements summary

Pharmacotherapy or pharmacoeconomics and health outcomes
Indicate specialization: pharmacotherapy or pharmacoeconomics and health outcomes

M.S. or M.P.S.
of entry:

Fall preferred

May 1 (Submission of application by Dec 1 highly recommended)

Special requirements:
International applicants must complete the TOEFL and international admissions application.

The Department of Pharmacotherapy and Outcomes Science offers two areas of specialization: pharmacotherapy (the safe and effective use of drugs in humans) and pharmacoeconomics and health outcomes (the evaluation of the social and economic impact of drug therapy in humans and in health care systems). Upon admission, graduate students will generally choose one of these two areas of emphasis to study.

Students in pharmacotherapy usually will elect to study in the areas of gerontology (the study of the aging process), clinical trials and drug development, pharmacogenomics (the study of genetic variability in drug development and prescribing), infectious disease, or mental health.

Students in pharmacoeconomics and health outcomes may elect to study pharmacoeconomics (the study of the costs and consequences of the use of pharmaceuticals), pharmacoepidemiology (the study of the utilization and effects of drugs in large numbers of people), or pharmaceutical marketing.

Graduate students also may take suitable courses outside of the department in areas of statistics, clinical trials research, health care administration, pharmacology, economics, computer sciences, public health, public policy, marketing and epidemiology. The selection and scope of the external course work will depend on student needs and research interests.

Currently, research interest in the faculty include nephrology and dialysis, geriatric pharmacokinetics, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacoeconomics, drug prescribing, gerontology, health education, infectious disease, critical care, cardiology, pharmaceutical marketing, geriatrics, pharmacogenomics, womens health, rheumatology, and critical care. Resources available to student include the VCU Health System, the Center for Drug Studies, several large medical databases and the university.



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